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Bimetall - Thermometer
  Bimetalic - thermometers

Bimetalic- thermometers for industrial applications, for heating- systems, air- conditions and other applications

Gasdruck - Fernthermometer
  Gasexpansion- thermometers

Thermometers with nitrogen- filled measurement- system are the modern and non- toxic replacement for mercury- filled thermometers. Executions with rigid stem and with capillary tubes are available


Temperature sensors for all applications. Sheated resistancethermometers and protection- armatures. Executions for liquid-, surface- and gastemperature- measurement


Thermocouples for all applications. Sheated- and straight- thermocouples. Different elements - standard and noble metal. Temperature ranges up to 1600 °C.

Thermometer - Schutzrohre

Thermowells according to the standards DIN 16179 and DIN 43772 and special types. Different materials, even exotic alloys available. Coatings for every application.

Manometer und Druckmeßtechnik
  Pressure- measurement

Pressure- gauges for industrial and low- cost applications. Different pressure transmitters and additional equipment like cocks and valves.

  Temperature transmitters

Transmitters for RTD's and thermocouples. For installation into connection- heads and on mounting rails. 4..20 mA outputs and others.

  Digital- indicators

Digital- indicators for temperature- sensors and standard- signals. Executions for panel mounting and local indicators with integrated temperature- or pressure- sensor. Big displays up to 60mm digit- height.

Schreiber und Registriergeräte
  Recording instruments

Mechanical circular- and band- recorders. Dot recorders. Electronic dataloggers.

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